Busco Marketing was established in 1996 by a team of well known bus experts to further improve the demands of the bus passenger industry. Busco Marketing has become a respected name in the supply chain of passenger buses. Busco/Busafrica has a team of seasoned bus experts that work very closely with all the bus chassis manufacturers (OEMs) namely: Scania, Mercedes-Benz, VolksWagen  M.A.N., Volvo, Vdl  Daf, Iveco, Hino and UD Truck.

Busco/Busafrica responded to the urgent need for a uniquely designed and developed bus bodywork to meet the High standards of the ever changing needs of bus operators and their passengers. After carefully researching the bus industries demands we accumulated all the necessary information from all the parties concerned, and were able to start the design and development of the stylish Predator bodywork.

Busafrica worked very closely with all the chassis OEMs and their technical teams, which resulted in a perfect harmony between chassis and bus bodywork.

Over the past few years the Predator has proved itself to be an outstanding low-cost of ownership vehicle with huge success in a variety of different applications.

The Predator is backed-up by a team of dedicated personnel with a passion for providing excellent on time service. The Predator also comes with the peace of mind that a full off the shelve back-up parts facility is available at reasonable prices.


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